How to Use Windows to the Advantage of Your Business

One of the best ways to advertise is to give your audience something nice to look at. Whether it is a catchy commercial on TV, a bright ad in a newspaper, or a unique logo on the windows of your business. People walking, driving, or biking by your business may take a look over and notice either a blank space covering your windows, or a bright and captivating design or phrase that catches their eye.


If your business is located on a busy street or is in a prime location for pedestrians or passengers, you can easily clean, advertise, and decorate your windows to your business’ advantage. Adding interest or humor to your window display could really affect the amount of customers that consider looking into your business. Looking into a business’ window and seeing a catchy visual makes a much larger difference than just looking through a clear window into a business.


Ways to Improve Your Window’s Look:

  • List contact information for the business
  • Advertise special deals going on at the time
  • Create a catchy logo or phrase
  • Show business hours that are easily visible
  • Make your building immediately recognizable for what its purpose
  • Be welcoming towards customers
  • Decorate for the seasons or holidays
  • Make your appearance appealing towards your audience
  • Make sure the windows are clean and presentable


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