How Often Should You Wash Your Windows

Window WashingAsk someone what household chore they don’t like to do and chances are they’ll tell you, “I don’t do windows.” Indeed, many homeowners never wash their windows…for years.

Over time, all windows need a good cleaning. Think about all the things windows battle: fingerprints, bugs, weather, dirt, dust, etc. Whether the windows are at your house or at your business, one thing’s for sure: they should be cleaned regularly.

So, how often should windows be cleaned? Ideally, twice a month for businesses, and 2 to 4 times a year for homes works well. In order for your building to appear well-maintained, and therefore give a favorable impression to passersby, a professional window cleaning service like Ohio Window Cleaning, Inc., can take regular care of your windows, ensuring they look their best.

Would you rather eat at a restaurant with grimy, dirty windows, or sparkling, shiny, clean ones? Would you rather live in a home where the windows are so dirty they don’t let any sun inside or where the sun shines in, brightening up the room with natural light, lifting your mood on a daily basis?

Ohio Window Cleaning, Inc., serves residential and commercial customers with window cleaning services in Ohio, as well as Kentucky and Indiana. Hire Ohio Window Cleaning to clean both the insides and outsides of your windows on a mutually agreed upon schedule so your windows are kept in great shape. In addition, French doors, screens and grids can be cleaned, too. Call 1-800-833-1040 to connect with Ohio Window Cleaning and get your windows clean.

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