Common Window Cleaning Mistakes

Window Cleaning Cleaning during the wrong weather

When you clean your windows at home or in the office, chances are you are waiting for a sunny day. But sunny days aren’t always best when it comes to getting your windows to look high definition. Sun and warm weather will tend to dry your household cleaner to the windows before you have the opportunity to wipe it clean.

Not using enough cleaner

Unfortunately, some household window cleaners aren’t as effective as we wish they were. Lots of times when just a spritz should do, it doesn’t. If you are tackling the project yourself, be generous with the amount of cleaner you are using. If your windows are extra dirty, you might find yourself needing to go back over it again and again to make sure each spot is gone. Too much grime and not enough cleaner results in streaks every time.

Using Newspaper or Paper towels

Has your old neighbor ever yelled over the fence saying “You should use newspaper!” ? Maybe you read it online or a friend swears by it, but using newspaper is pretty ineffective compared to new technology like microfiber cloths. Go ahead and try it out for yourself, but we find that the best results come from absorbent and re-usable cloths.

Not hiring a professional

If you don’t have the energy and the time to devote to a whole day’s worth of cleaning (or more), then it might be better off left to the professionals. We’ve seen many haphazard projects that have been started by home and business owners only to be left for days or weeks. What you end up with is a bigger mess than just dirty windows. If you think your time is better served elsewhere, call in someone who can get the job done in time.



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