A Brief History of Windows


dirty old windows- a history of windows from ohio kentucky indiana window cleaningWe seem them every day, but we never usually think about how lucky we are to have a convenience like clear windows. To urge everyone to care for and appreciate their building’s windows, we’re going to cover a brief history, to see what window solutions used to be like.


The word “window” derives from Old Norse. In Sweden, the term stands for “the roof of a hut”. This is interesting, because many believe this is where skylights came from. The Old Norse language from North Germany described windows as being the “wind eye”. If you think about it, in those terms, then a window isn’t just something to look through, it is literally the eyes of a severe force of nature. Makes looking through a window even more interesting.


Originally, windows were actually just holes in the wall. There was nothing except open air. Later on, the openings were covered with things such as cloth, wool, or even animal hides. Next came the shutters. This allowed for protection from nature as well as the ability to open the shutters up easily to see outside.


When windows improved, it was actually pretty gross, some would use dried animal hides to block out winds and insects, and the would apply a thick grease to the hide, which turned the hides clear. Since then, . They would remember how important windows are, and to remember to be thankful that they are no longer just open holes in the wall.

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