Ohio Window Cleaning, Inc. provides a comprehensive outdoor clean to your home or business. Our meticulous window cleaning and pressure washing services give your building a polished shine to properly reflect your successful enterprise or beautiful home. We use top-quality equipment and practiced expertise to give you an effective, flawless clean at your convenience.

From spring cleaning to a routine wash, window cleaning and power washing services from Ohio Window Cleaning, Inc. keeps your fa├žade looking beautiful. We serve three states to bring comprehensive cleaning to a long line of franchises as well as private clients. Our local supervisors maintain a personal touch while our centralized offices keep operations organized. We utilize powerful equipment on-site and streamlined account management software to ensure your satisfaction from service to billing. Our commercial-grade power washers with the careful application of our experienced staff deliver a deep, spotless shine that will make your exterior look new again.

Residential Window Cleaning:

Ohio Window WashingWhether you just need spring cleaning or regular service, please give us a call for a free estimate. Our service reps are respectful and courteous. We are fully insured.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

From one location to hundreds, we can handle your account. Please call us for a free estimate and bid information.

Our wide service area will reduce the hassle of needing multiple vendors in the Tri-State area. Our office staff can handle all types of billing and work order requests. We are proficient at web based invoicing systems.

Power Washing Services:

We use commercial grade skid mounted power washers capable of heating water up to 220 degrees with pressure up to 3500 PSI (pressure per square inch) and a flow of up to 6 GPM (gallons per minute).

Why are flow and temperature so important?


  • Imagine trying to wash your car with a stream of water the size of a ballpoint pen.  Sure it might have a several thousand PSI (pressure per square inch), but without a lot GPM’s (gallons per minute) there is nothing to carry the dirt away.
  • For comparison, most household power washers purchased at your local home improvement stores have a flow of about 2 GPM.  While that is fine for smaller jobs, a much larger flow (6 GPM) reduces the amount of time involved.


  • Think of your dishwasher, does it clean the dishes with cold water?  Of course not.  Yes hot water is a better cleaning agent than cold water, often times preventing the need to use cleansers or degreasers to break down the dirt, thus saving time, money and the environment.

Whether you have one location or hundreds, we are available to meet your needs.
See our service areas in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and contact us today for a free estimate.


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