Did you know that the appearance of buildings is a major factor that influences customers?

When customers visit a dirty building, they might hesitate to give you their business. That’s why you need commercial-quality power washing and window cleaning services.

When you are looking for professional power washing and window cleaning in Cincinnati, OH, consider the services of the Ohio Window Cleaning Group. Located in Cincinnati, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of clients throughout the metro area, and our company proudly mobilizes a talented team of cleaning professionals to perform premier cleaning jobs.

Why would you want to work with us?

There are many reasons, but here are a few that reflect our business principles:

  • Our professional power washing and window cleaning services are performed by well-trained technicians who execute a variety of techniques with safety and final results in mind. These professionals will arrive at each job site on time and ready to impress.
  • Our window cleaning services reflect the industry’s standard rates for type of work performed. Ask us for a free quote for many kinds of window cleaning projects. One of our representatives will get back to you with a detailed cost estimate as soon as possible because your business is very important to us.
  • Ohio Window Cleaning also handles special projects. Some types of jobs, such as getting a new building ready for occupants to move in and open for business, are worth consulting on. We can often beat other competitors by studying the costs of your project and finding an agreeable rate that you, the business owner, can bank your business on.
  • Our power washing services are another example of how we help clients achieve a new sense of clean in their buildings. With this type of technology, older structures are restored to their former glory. This type of makeover occurs when you hire a company with experienced technicians who know how much water pressure is appropriate to use for washing each type of surface.

There are many more benefits to hiring the services from an expert window cleaning company. Live in the Cincinnati area; call us at 800-833-1040, we will be happy to explain our services in detail.

At the Ohio Window Cleaning Group, our focus is on our clients. Each job represents our chance to convince you that you have chosen the right service provider. If there are any ways we can improve our services for your budget and business needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.