At Ohio Window Cleaning, Inc., we also service Kentucky for Window Cleaning & Power Washing and the task of providing exemplary window-cleaning services and products has been elevated to a mission. Window washing may sound secondary or optional, but in truth, it’s a powerful and effective way to boost your image.

Image sends a message. Dirty windows are a sign of neglect that signal apathy and defeat, inviting attitudes and behaviors that are anything but productive and pleasant. What else has the power to instantly change your entire outlook? Not just your outlook, either – think of your audience. The return on investment is probably a lot bigger than you realize, and the investment a lot less, too.

Ohio Window Cleaning, Inc. delivers high-quality workmanship at below-market price, customizing a plan to meet your exact specifications, factoring in budget and scheduling. Thirty-five years of successful operations and over 800 million square feet of cleaned-window surfaces can’t be wrong.

If you’re in Ohio and in need of window cleaning or power washing services, contact us here or call us at 1-800-833-1040.